1. Preparing Your Home For Sale

  • Take a Fresh Look at Your Home

You home looks great to you, but a buyer wants to see it since he and his family will be living in it – so take a fresh look at your home. Hop in your car, drive around the block, and then scrutinize your home as a prospective buyer will when they see it for the first time.

Curb Appeal:

What street appeal does your home have? Does it need a fresh coat of paint or to be pressure washed? Is the landscaping in good shape and yard well trimmed? Remember to have an open mind and try and be critical as a buyer will be.

Take a Tour of Your Home:

Head inside and imagine what a real estate agent might say about each room , look into your cabinets, closets, open the doors and check out the bathroom. Note anything that might put off buyers and make a list of the items that attracted you to your home and what features you love. Remember that a buyer will see things about your home that you do not.

  • Clean Out the Clutter Before You Start to Sell

Go through your home room by room and closet by closet and get rid of clutter in each area – closets, attic storage, kitchen cabinets, drawers, bath vanities, etc. Potential buyers are seriously put off by clutter, and most of us drag a lot more things through life than we really need.

Look at your furniture as well – placing too many items in a space will make it seem smaller than it is – think of showcasing your home!

Have a moving sale with all the items you have collected in your de-cluttering and use the proceeds from the sale towards cleanup, fresh paint, whatever materials you may need. Or – place items in a storage unit or in neatly in your attic storage for use after the sale of your home.

  • To Sell, Sell, Sell – Clean, Clean, Clean!

Now that you have de-cluttered get ready to clean! Have your carpets professionally cleaned, strip and polish the floors, clean the laundry room, scour the baths, polish your furniture, and clean up the ceiling fans and kitchen appliances. Don’t forget the outside too! Pressure washing as needed – you will be amazed at the results!

  • Get More for Your Home: Repairs Will Pay Off!

Make all the necessary repairs to attract a buyer. For example, patch the roof, touch up all the paint, repair any screens, clean up the yard and landscaping – this is of course part of the entry way to your home! Make your home stand out from the competition!

  • Putting Your Home on the Market: Show It to Sell It

Regardless of the marketting of your home there are ways that you can impact the sale of your home prior to a showing. Remember to always open the blinds and turn on the lights. Also, open all interior doors to make the home feel roomier. Remove your children and pets from the home prior to a showing as well as this distract the buyer from your home. Make sure your home smells clean and fresh – but not like an air freshener.

Have your home ready to be seen by a prospective buyer with as little notice as possible! So less than an hour, or even five minutes, if possible!

  • Get a Sense of the Market

Before putting your home on the market take a weekend day to check out the competition that your home will have – this includes all homes that will be similarly priced and in similar neighborhoods. Remember, you don’t need to buy new furniture to be the best home on the market – what you want is the feel of the new model – clean, uncluttered, and fresh.

Overall remember, after location, the most important item to a buyer is a well maintained home! Many flaws can be overlooked if the buyer knows he can move in without a lot of trouble and expense.

2.       Should I Stage My Home?

Home staging is about illusions. It’s beyond decorating and cleaning or creating a mood. Staging makes your home look bigger, brighter, cleaner, warmer, more loving and best of all it makes home buyers want to buy it!

Staging is what you do after you’ve cleaned, de-cluttered, painted, and made minor repairs. Staging is all about adding the small details to dress up your home for sale – it is the lipstick, mascara, and jewelry that you apply to make your home more attractive.

Need a professional stager? Contact us for a list of our recommendations or for a list of tips!